Introduction to the Project

Closures: A Video Thesis about Workers and their Factories is a non-linear, interactive project which brings together thoughts and imagery based on the research and film practice surrounding the presence of factory workers on film, from 1894 up to the present day.  This work aims to introduce interactors with this site to some of the most evocative and diverse filmmakers and theoreticians who have contributed to this area.

It would appear that cinema has from its infancy, been used as a form through which to depict the lives and fictions of workers and their factories.  

This project aims to re-appropriate film, sound and text from the field and share fresh perspectives and findings on areas such as temporality and monumentality.  Closures reveals the transitional dialogues which begin to appear when these films are interpreted by a filmmaker working within the broader academic setting of practice-based research.  This project is structured in a way to inspire interactors to contribute to the narrative and share their feedback and their own films, photographs and dialogues surrounding the closure of factories and workplaces on this website.

Though navigating the following chapters interactors are invited to witness the trajectory of workers on film: from early European antecedents to more recent independent Chinese cinemas, and unlock larger chapters which reveal the images, sounds, research and practice on such films which have attempted to record the diverse and often marginalised narratives of workers in a state of flux and uncertainty.

  From the factories of Paris to Shenyang …and then onwards through time to Huddersfield.

Begin your interaction with Closures here (using Chrome web browser):
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Important Information on the Navigation of this project:

This project is currently working best on Chrome web-browser.  Although should also be viewable across most other web-browsers.

The video chapters in this project can be navigated via the pop-up buttons which appear towards the end of the home-screen and each chapter in grey, or by the index or mind map which are both located at the bottom left of the screen within the margins of the frame.

The index will show you the details of which chapters you’ve already viewed and the mind map shows the overall build of the project and tracks which chapters you have viewed.

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